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Hyper-personalised messaging for your app

Start your conversation now and add hyper-personalised messaging to your mobile app using the Mobile Close Channel SDK.

hey Marketeers, listen up...

It's time for conversational commerce

Are you still relying on email campaigns and 2% conversion rates? Time to move on to conversational commerce and start a hyper-personalised conversation with your audience. With the Mobile Close Channel SDK you reach the right person, with the right content at the right time in your app! On average we create 20 high converting touch points per customer journey.

Crowd Control

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Reachable Visitors
  • Urgent Messaging
  • Live Insights

Customer Journey

  • Ultimate Brand Experience
  • Storytelling
  • Engagement
  • Increase NPS

First Party Data

  • Live Marketing Tool
  • Profile Enrichment
  • Market Research
  • 100% yours, link your CRM & CDP

Extra Revenue

  • Upsell
  • Cross-sell
  • Advertisement/Affiliation
  • Partnerships
Block by block, without a line of code

Create smart and scalable messaging journeys in the Close Builder CMS

The Close Builder
Intuitive chat
Personal Guidance
Practical Push Notifications
Personal offers
Relevant Content
Interactive Questionaires
Date-based information
Contextual In-app purchases
Urgent Messages
Affiliation and Partnerships
Market Research

Free CMS included

The SDK comes with a content management system included: the Close Builder. In the Builder you build, automate and manage your hyper-personalised customer journeys at scale.

Product Overview

Launch in no-time

The Close Mobile Channel SDK is designed with packed backlogs in mind. Implementing our SDK takes you only a few lines of code and half a day MAX! We promise.

Coding example

Well documented

Great documentation makes a Dev's life so much easier. That's why we provide extensive documentation for the SDK on our Github. No shortcuts taken.

Android SDK Github
iOS SDK Github
Proven Technology
Uptime Garantuee
By developers, for developers

Backlog friendly SDK

Time not spent integrating our SDK, is time you can spend on your own product or service. We understand that fully. That's why our developers have built the Close Mobile Channel SDK like they have to onboard a junior-developer on the daily: easy to setup, no boilerplate extravaganza and very well documented.

Product Overview

Close Mobile Channel SDK
Supported Platforms
Android & iOS
Content Management System
Close Builder [Included for free]
Available Content Blocks
Push Notifications
Digital Tickets
CSV Export
Data Ownership
100% yours and GDPR compliant
Let's talk about our SDK

Get started today

Get in touch with our team and launch your messaging journey today. We make sure you will hit the ground running in three simple steps:

Create a Close Builder Account: contact us for your credentials.
Download the SDK: ask for a Github invitation for the platform of your choice.
Start integrating: use our examples and you will be Close in no time.
Kiliaan Toorenaar CEO Close
Kiliaan Toorenaar
CEO & Co-founder
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Hanneke Kruijf
Hanneke Kruijf
Business development manager
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Zero code solution

The Close App

Do you not have the time, manpower or resources to integrate our SDK into your app? Check out our ready-to-go solution: The Close App. Our app, your channels, same features.